Virginia harassment laws and penalties

Bullying is often anxiety or anxiety for anxiety or fear for a person or team. Various forms of bullying are against Virginia Law.

For example, the sharing of the savings account number, driver ID number, PIN, credit or platinum card number or address, a man’s name or photo is illegal. , Or else someone gets angrier. (Virginia Fees § 18.2-186.4) This offense is class 1. An unfortunate wounded person becomes the 6th guilty when the law becomes an officer, and there is a minimum period of half a year.

  • Submitting or sending photos of another person who wishes to hurt someone is a crime. (Virginia References § 18.2-386.2)
  • Prank phone calls are provocative. The law declares that any person who uses a rebel, obscene, obscene, or abominable device can be misunderstood for the first offense by dismissing any illegal or shameless act of an act of pressure, intimidation or negligence by a telephone or person. . (Virginia treats § 18.2-427).

Anyone who gives permission to call a person or another person to use his or her phone is targeted to the person to be frustrated with being a page or message sending message. (Virginia Fees § 18.2-429). For example, if the police, fire, or a restoration administration of a crisis reacts to the resentment of a phone call, expect to disrupt, obstruct, prevent or postpone disorderly when fulfilling their responsibilities. , The person determining the person and the person using the person mistakes the first offense. (Virginia Fees § 18.2-429)

  • It is illegal to wear someone using a PC or PC model. Abolishing a wrong or gross assumption or abusing an unlucky or improper act with the intention of interrupting, intimidating or harassing a person commits the 1st offense against the person. (Virginia Fees § 18.2-152.7: 1)

Brutality raises the issue of money or property from one person, harassment or other criminal, harassment, humiliation, or the disgrace of the individual or damage to the person’s property. Cyber 5 is a legitimate offense.

The Virginia law requires organizations to report all violations to the state police’s strike. In 2008, 337 estimates were made incorrectly. Out of this, 35.9 percent were struck. And 41.2% of the property culprit / damage.

According to the Virginia law, law enforcement agencies are required to report crimes against hate crimes to the Virginia State Police. In 2008, 337 crimes were reported. Of that, 35.9 percent were assaulted. And 41.2% of property holders / property were damaged.

The seriousness of bullying is acknowledged in Virginia law, and it is necessary to use violent or obscene language or behavior in students’ code of conduct against huzzling schoolboys. (Virginia Post)